Adding Actions

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You can add new  AutoRun actions to your AutoRun.

To add a new  action:
1.     Select the location in the tree that you want to add the action. Select the item in the tree immediately before the location in the implementation sequence that you want to add the action. If you want to add the action as the first one then select the first item in three and then press Move Up after the action has been added. If you want to add the action to a button as the first or only action then select the button
2.     Click on the Add Action button.

3.     The Add Action dialog will appear.


4.     Select the type of action you want to add.
·      Display a license agreement
·      Display a splash screen and/or play a sound
·      Install Software
·      Install Standard Viewer
·      Open a New Email Message
·      Open a Web Site
·      Open Document or File using Default Viewer
·      Open Explorer to View Contents of Folder on Disc
·      Print Document or File
·      Run Application from Disc
·      Run Standard Windows Application
·      Secure Access to Disc Contents
·      Show Message Dialog
5.     Click OK.
6.     The new action will be added to the AutoRun.

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