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  • Automatically install software to ensure your document will open (ex. Acrobat Reader for PDF documents).
  • When launching a standard document type (ex. PDF or Word) AutoRun Architect can add the installation of the standard viewer to your CD project.
  • Viewer definition and installation file can be downloaded using the AutoRun Architect On-line Viewer Database.
  • Run installation first time, every time or based on viewer status for specified file type.
  • Install if no viewer found for specified file type. (ex. no viewer for PDF found on user's machine, install Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  • Install software if version of installed viewer for specified file type is less then specified version (You require Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1, install software if installed version is less then 9.1 or no installation found).
  • Optionally display a customizable message before installing the software.
  • Optionally allow the user to skip the software installation.

Manage defined viewers

  • Add new viewers.
  • Edit existing viewers.
  • Delete obsolete viewers.
  • Name the viewer.
  • Define file types handled by viewer.

Building the AutoRun

Manage unlimited number of AutoRun projects

  • Maintain all your existing projects.
  • Edit existing AutoRun projects.
  • Copy existing projects to start a new project.
  • Delete obsolete projects.
  • Name each project.
  • Define directory for CD Image for each project.

Powerful AutoRun Architect wizards

  • AutoRun Menu Wizard allows you to create an AutoRun in 6 simple steps that allows you to customize the title, choose the web site to open, choose email address to send mail to, specify file to open, choose menu style and image.
  • Quickie AutoRun Wizard to create an AutoRun that just launches a file.
  • Full AutoRun Wizard allows you to create an AutoRun in 6 simple steps that allows you to customize the CD/DVD icon, display a splash screen, license agreement, launch any program or file you want and install a viewer for your file if the user does not have one.

Test AutoRun without burning a disc

  • Generates build report which lists any problems with the AutoRun definition.
  • Test Mode: AutoRun will behave just like it will from burned disc.

Completely customizable AutoRun sequence

  • Add actions including menus.
  • Modify order of actions.
  • Delete obsolete actions.
  • Rename actions.
  • Add actions before menus or after menus.

Burn to CD/DVD from within AutoRun Architect

  • Generates build report which lists any problems with the AutoRun definition.
  • Burn all files in image directory to disc - no need to select files or directories.
  • Supports multiple burners, user chooses which burner to use.
  • Specifiy disc label.
  • Choose media type to burn to.
  • Shows space usage on disc.
  • Prevents writing of disc if there is not enough space.
  • Shows progress during burn.
  • Optionally ejects disc once burn is complete.

Quiet AutoRun

  • Instead of displaying a menu AutoRun can run silently in the background.
  • Add as many actions to the AutoRun sequence as you like.

Microsoft Windows Support

  • Specify extended disc label.
  • Specify AutoPlay description text.
  • Allows disk to open quicker by telling Windows to open with AutoRun and not search disk contents.
  • Specify directories to be searched for device drivers.

Comprehensive Integrated Help

  • Help buttons throughout interface take you to relevant topic.
  • Fully searchable Windows compliant HTML help.
  • Online help.

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