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Feature Highlights

AutoRun Menus

Creating AutoRun menus has never been easier!!

Use the AutoRun Menu Wizard to create your basic menu. Select a title, define an initial set of buttons, choose a menu style. You now have a complete AutoRun menu.

If you want, you can then use the full AutoRun Architect interface to further customize the menu. The changes you can make include:

  • Adding & customizing the buttons including names and actions.
  • Adding a subtitle.
  • Adding a logo.
  • Customizing the background or graphic image.
  • Creating sub-menus.
  • Customizing the menu size.

Build Connection with Stakeholders & Increase Profits

When you create a disc to distribute to any of your stakeholders, you need to take advantage of your disc to maximize connection and profit. AutoRun Architect allows you to create AutoRun menus that in addition to opening your documents or other electronic content can include buttons that:

  • Allow users to order additional products from you.
  • Drive people to your web site or blog.
  • Allow your users to open multiple items - slideshows, videos, brochures etc.
  • Allow users to sign up for a newsletter, RSS feed.
  • Encourage users to connect with you on one of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.).
  • Entice users to email you.

Large Collection of Actions

Use our wide selection of actions to build very rich AutoRuns. Available actions include:

Publishing Your CD/DVD Has Never Been So Easy

With AutoRun Architect you can set up and burn your CD in minutes. Use one of our wizards to build the initial AutoRun. The wizards will allow you to define the basics for your AutoRun including a file to open, web site to link to and the look of your menu. You can continue to uniquely customize your AutoRun.

Once you have set everything up press the Build button to generate all the files for the AutoRun.

You can then test the AutoRun by pressing on the Test button. The AutoRun will execute just as it would when the user inserts the disc in his disk drive.

Once you are satisfied with your AutoRun you can burn your finished disc by pressing the Burn button.

Menu Styles

AutoRun Architect includes a large collection of ready to use AutoRun Menu templates. The templates include a background graphic, graphic buttons and text styling. You can then choose from one of the AutoRun Architect images for the menu or use one of your own.


Many discs include opening documents. These documents may be in any one of many different formats including:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Microsoft Word Documents
  • Microsoft Excel Documents
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Presentations
  • Zip files
  • Etc.

When your user gets the CD you want to be sure that the user will have the necessary viewer software to be able to open your document. AutoRun Architect will automatically add the installation of the required viewer to your AutoRun. The viewer software will only be installed if the end user does not already have the appropriate software installed.

AutoRun Architect uses our online database of well known viewer software to assist you in identifying and downloading the correct viewer installation for use with your document. The online database is constantly updated with new viewer types.

Customizable AutoRun Sequence

You can add as many actions as you want. You can add actions before the menu is displayed or after. You can add as many actions as you want to each button and can add sub-menus that are triggered by clicking on a button. You can easily reorder the actions or delete existing actions. For ease of use you can assign your own name to each action.

Burn to CD or DVD From Within AutoRun Architect

No more wasted discs. AutoRun Architect will take care of ensuring that all the necessary files are burned to the disc in the correct locations. AutoRun Architect will also burn the disc label to the disc. If you have multiple drives you can choose which one you want. You can burn both CD's and DVD's.

Manage Unlimited Number of AutoRun Projects

You can maintain an unlimited number of projects. Easily switch between projects. You can copy an existing project to use it as a template for a new project.

Powerful AutoRun Architect Wizards

To assist in creating your AutoRuns you can use one of several wizards that walk you through the process of creating your AutoRun. Wizards can be used to create an AutoRun menu or a simple, quiet, AutoRun.

Test AutoRun Without Burning a CD/DVD

You can test your completed AutoRun from within AutoRun Architect without burning a disc. Just click on the Test button and the AutoRun will be launched just as it would on your completed disc. Click on the buttons to test each button.

Runs on All Windows Versions

AutoRun Architect works on all the versions of Microsoft Windows so you can be absolutely sure that your completed projects will work on all your users machines.

AutoRun Architect includes support for all the latest disc related features including allowing you to define the label for the disc in Windows Explorer and definition of the AutoPlay description. Your discs will also load faster as discs created using AutoRun Architect communicate to Windows what content can be found on the disc instead of Windows searching your disc.

Comprehensive Integrated Help

Extensive and detailed help is included with the application. Help buttons have been included throughout the application that allow you to quickly jump to the relevant section in the help.

Absolutely the Best Technical Support System Available

At 7Bear Software the customer is our only priority and we are here to do whatever we can to make you a satisfied user of AutoRun Architect. We give personalized and expert technical support 24 hours a day.

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