Testing Your AutoRun

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AutoRun Architect allows you to test an AutoRun project at any stage of its development. You dont have to wait for a project to be completed but can test any aspect or option at any time. However, you must build a project before you can test it. 
To test the project click on the Test button.
When you test a project more than once, AutoRun Architect may ask you if you want to delete its history.
·      If you have tested a project but you want to test it as if it is running for the first time, select Yes (for example, if you have defined the software installation to run First time only).
·      If you have tested a project but you want to test the accuracy of certain options for subsequent runs of the AutoRun, click No (for example, if you have defined the license to appear Every time and you want to make sure it appears on the subsequent runs).
In order to create an AutoRun that will run on computers other than your own, you must use a purchased version of AutoRun Architect.
If you have not yet purchased and activated your version of AutoRun Architect then a dialog will appear when you start to run the AutoRun that says that the AutoRun was created with a trial version.
To purchase AutoRun Architect, choose Buy Now from the Purchase menu. To activate, choose Enter Activation Code from the Purchase menu.
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