Building Your AutoRun

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After you have made any changes to the AutoRun you will need to Build the AutoRun before you can test it or burn. When you click the Build button, AutoRun Architect compiles all the AutoRun files and writes them to the CD Image directory. As part of the build process the AutoRun settings are checked for completeness and the CD Image directory is checked to make sure all necessary files are present.
To build the project click on the Build button.
If no problems are found then a dialog will appear saying that the AutoRun was built successfully.
If there were any problems detected then a Build report will be displayed.
The build report starts with a summary of the number of errors and warnings.
Errors are serious problems that are found with the current settings. One example of an error is a file that is specified in the settings but cannot be found in the Disc Image directory.All errors need to be fixed before the AutoRun can be tested or burned to disc.
Warnings are less serious problems. Warnings are often the result of incomplete settings such as choosing to use a custom icon but not selecting the file. The AutoRun can be tested and burned with warnings but it is recommended that the necessary changes be made in order to fix all the warnings.
The build log will list the steps in the AutoRun. After each step any relevant errors or warnings are listed.
In order to create an AutoRun that will run on computers other than your own, you must use a purchased version of AutoRun Architect. To purchase AutoRun Architect, choose Buy Now from the Purchase menu. To activate, choose Enter Activation Code from the Purchase menu.

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