What is an AutoRun?

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AutoRun is a feature of the Microsoft Windows Operating System that was introduced in Windows 95 to ease the use of CD/DVDs.
When a new CD/DVD, or any other removable media, is inserted into a disc drive the AutoRun feature of Windows reads information encoded on the disc that tells Microsoft Windows what to do.
Some of the things that the AutoRun reads off the CD includes:
·      The icon that appears for CD in Windows Explorer.
·      The label used for the CD in Windows Explorer.
·      Program to run.
AutoRun Architect allows you to define this information and takes care of the technicalities involved in encoding the information on the disk.
Utilizing the AutoRun feature AutoRun Architect allows you to:
·      Open an Menu Window
·      Show a license agreement
·      Secure the disc contents
·      Open a document
·      Print a document
·      Launch an application
·      Install an application
·      Open a web site
·      Display a message
·      Send an email
·      and more...